Break Into Tech Intensive

Course Description

Break Into Tech Intensive is your step-by-step guide to getting your next job in tech!

The goal of this program is to help you achieve all of the following:

  1. Use your non-technical background to your advantage by knowing exactly how to package your story and what companies are really looking for
  2. Hear back from recruiters and get more interviews without needing a massive network to refer you to every single company.
  3. Master online and offline networking to a point where you get 80%+ response rates to all your cold outreaches
  4. Understand what you need to speak to at each part of the interview stages and the exact questions to prepare for
  5. Break into the company, tech industry, and role that you desire!

Break Into Tech Intensive is a self-paced program broken into 5 phases. I will help you conquer your limiting beliefs, clarify your story so you can speak it with confidence, understand what a company needs, network like a boss online and at events to get on top of the resume stack, and finally master the interview.

Each lesson will include homework and exact action items so you can start implementing as you learn.

If you choose to do the full support program, you will also get access to 3 weekly (~90min) group coaching calls where everyone will get time for 1:1 support. There is no question too personalized.

Not only that, you will also get access to a private LinkedIn group with your fellow students. This is where the magic happens. I respond within 24 hours to all your questions and can help review all your applications, cold messages, warm intros, and go through your job search plan with you.

Finally, as a bonus to my full support students, I will also help you edit and revise your resume twice within the month that you join.

Through a group coaching program, you have the opportunity to learn from fellow students, access lessons before the coaching so that you can ask more personalized and higher level questions, and proceed through your job search as fast or as slow as you would like. Access to me is not holding you back!

Can’t wait to work with you!

P.S. I've been in your shoes. I'm a non-technical in tech that moved to the Bay Area with no job, no network, no work experience, and definitely nothing related to tech. In 4 years I was managing the merchant development team in all regions outside of China at Wish, the most downloaded shopping app in the world. I did it and so can you.

What this also means is that I am not your typical career counselor or coach that comes from an HR background who never had the personal experience of recruiting and working at a tech giant or start-up. I've worked in growth, business analytics, and business development. I've hired for business operations, product, customer support, and design. I've interviewed at over 100 companies and received offers from the giants like Facebook and Google as well as many small start-ups. I can show you how to do the same.

Self Serve Course

  • 5 video modules with action items and homework
  • Access to replays of all group coaching calls of all sessions
  • Access to lifetime course updates
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Full Support Program

$597 - payment plan available
  • 5 video modules with action items and homework
  • Access to replays of all group coaching calls of all sessions
  • Access to lifetime course updates
  • 3 live group coaching calls that keep going until all questions are addressed
  • BITI Membership LinkedIn Group access for 3 months
  • 2 resume revisions
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What's Included

Phase 1: Clarifying

Module 1: Clarifying Your Story

Before you go off applying to companies, you have to think about what you have to offer. In this module we first reveal the truth about recruiting as a non-technical in tech and tackle those mindset blockers before moving on to identifying the top skills you have to bring value to any tech company.

Lesson 1: The Secrets of Tech Recruiting
Lesson 2: Identifying Your Skills

Module 2: Clarifying The Company, Role, Industry, and Manager

Other than what you have to offer, you need to also consider what a company is looking for. In this module we identify what the company is looking for and how you can tailor your story to the company’s needs. I will also teach you how to evaluate a company to make sure you don’t hurt your career by joining a sinking ship instead of a rocket ship.

Lesson 1: Bringing in the Company
Lesson 2: How to Evaluate the Company
Lesson 3: Optimizing Your Resume

Phase 2: Attracting

Module 3: Online Networking

This isn’t your typical LinkedIn self-help section. I will be teaching you exactly who will help your career, how to engage with them on LinkedIn, how to attract them to your profile, what to ask for and how to get responses when you ask for help!

Lesson 1: How to Network on LinkedIn
Lesson 2: Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
Lesson 3: The Art of the Cold Email

Module 4: Offline Networking

How do you bring an online connection to offline? How do you get the most out of informational interviews? How do you expand your reach of leads that will help you get a job via offline events and communities? How do you not get drained from awkward offline networking? We’ll cover all those questions here.

Lesson 1: Offline Events
Lesson 2: Joining the Right Communities
Lesson 3: The Informational Interview

Phase 3: Mastering the Interview

Module 5: Get the Job

You’ve made it to the interview stage! In this module we’ll go through what your interviewer is REALLY asking and trying to get out of you as well as what the TWO main factors all hiring managers are looking for from non-technical candidates!

Lesson 1: What to expect at each stage of the interview
Lesson 2: Best practices and FAQ for interviews

Hear what my clients had to say

Ivy's program is comprehensive and give us precise, specific instructions, not just vague suggestions. It has extremely useful information and I love the homework, too. It forces me to implement the instructions! As a gen x'er I think the idea of creating an authentic online presence that lets others see me the way I want to be seen (expert in HR) is not something I would have thought to do. I did not realize the importance of it. That alone is invaluable.
Current BITI Student
Ivy is a bit too good to be true. She has provided me with the confidence, guidance, and tools that I need in order to be more successful in my job search.
Current BITI Student
It paid off! Yesterday's interview felt like a breeze. My interviewer kept remarking how my resume answered her questions and verbalized several times that they really liked me. I remained friendly, relaxed, and weaved in the crayon story as discussed and she loved it. After sending out a thank you email, she reached out to invite me to schedule a second interview with her and the founder next week. I am still nervous but feel confident in my ability to articulate myself as the right candidate for the role. Looking forward to our next sessions and thank you for helping me organize my thoughts and responses.
Stephanie, Diversity and Inclusion Career Manager
Ivy's insights and direction on how to develop a targeted approach to my job search were on point. Her suggestions allow you to narrow your efforts on the type of roles and companies that you want to work for and seek out hiring managers vs. recruiters. Within a week, I had taken her advice and had 3 secured and executed 3 informational interviews. I know this is the work that will get me a job offer soon.
Michelle S, Growth Marketer
Ivy was a great listener and was receptive to many of the concerns I had, allowing me to talk about what dilemmas I had in my career. I highly recommend a session with Ivy for any professional seeking to find more clarity in their next opportunity.
Esther, Project Manager
In light of all your job search tips and tricks, I went to a small networking event after work today and got myself 2 phone interviews set up this week! A HUGE thank you to you, it really does make a difference when you tackle these issues in person and your training on offline networking helped a ton!
Anusha, Marketer
I managed to get clarification from people in my industry that don't have my same experience which has helped me combat my once held limiting beliefs and given me the ability to challenge them
Current BITI Student