19. Part 2 of Best Practices for relationship building on Instagram vs. Wechat: A Case Study on Perfect Diary and Glossier | Solo Episode

May 12, 2020

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Brands have penetrated the feed, group chat, and touch these customers again and again with live stream, promotions, lotteries, to get return purchases.

In part 1 we talked about how to get discovered and attract new followers. If you haven’t checked out that episode, it’s episode 17. Last week I interviewed Olivia Plotnick on how to best grow an account on WeChat - that’s episode 18. Today we’re going to dive deeper into relationship building and converting your followers into clients in order to make more sales.

In this episode, I present two cases. One on how Perfect Diary grew to over 1B in valuation over 3 years as a Chinese beauty brand leveraging WeChat and RED (小红书) and, in contrast, how Glossier is now a 1.2 billion dollar brand that grew primarily by building a community on Instagram.

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