18. A Beginner's Guide to WeChat and Marketing in China with Olivia Plotnick, China Marketing Expert

May 05, 2020

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China's population is so huge, even if I get one percent of the market, I would be successful. This is the biggest mistake that foreign brands make.

Today we are here with China Marketing Expert, Olivia Plotnick. She is the VP of the International Professional Women’s Society in Shanghai China and previously a manager in marketing and communications at Ogilvy Shanghai. After leaving Ogilvy last summer, she now runs her own marketing agency helping companies scale their brands using social media in China.

In this episode, we talk about the Chinese marketing ecosystem, the role WeChat plays in China, how brands can succeed on WeChat with a low marketing budget, and what we can learn from WeChat best practices to apply to other social media platforms.

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What We Discussed

[1:56] What brought you to China and why did you leave Ogilvy?

[3:56] How can you describe all that WeChat is?

[9:02] How does WeChat fit into the marketing channel ecosystem in China?

[12:35] What is the seamless process that brands use to take a customer from awareness to purchase? What role does WeChat play?

[16:53] When it's hard to track all the touch points of a customer, how do you know where to increase or decrease your effort?

[20:47] What features should more people know about that plays a big part in driving consumers down the sales and marketing funnel?

[28:23] What are some best practices for WeChat groups?

[30:37] What are some brands doing really well in China and what are their strategies?

[34:54] What makes a content piece "creative" enough to be successful in China?

[39:12] What can we learn about relationship building and doing business on WeChat to apply to platforms in the West?

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