16. Enabling fintech and e-commerce in Egypt with a gamified mobile browser with Taymour Sabry, Co-Founder or Wasla Browser

April 21, 2020

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I think solving for the major problems within Fintech in emerging economies will have a ripple effect on other industries, from transportation to e-commerce. A lot of a lot of merchants aren't going online because the tools that enable people to transact online don't exist

In this episode, I interview Taymour Sabry, the co-founder of Wasla Browser based in Cairo Egypt. Wasla browser is a gamified mobile browser that rewards users with free mobile internet. They have a mission to connect the next 500 million people in emerging markets to subsidized mobile internet while fostering digital and financial inclusion.

We talk about everything from achieving product market fit with Wasla after gaining 10k organic users in the first 2 weeks of launch, how users in emerging markets are using the internet for discovery instead of search, and why getting people to transact online and bringing them out of the unofficial economy famous in Egypt will pave for economic growth and success in the future.

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