15. The deeper problems COVID-19 will cause and the opportunities you have to build solutions | Solo Episode

April 14, 2020

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COVID-19 is hurting us more than just being a public health crisis due to the following problems:

  1. Population growth, especially in the cities.
  2. The rise of the global middle class, which brings about mobility and travel, and interconnectivity.
  3. The phenomenon of global value chains.
  4. Anti-globalization tendencies, especially as manifested in the case of trade wars.
  5. Problems of governance regarding political regimes and failed states.
  6. The phenomenon of fake news.
  7. Anti-science attitudes and denial
  8. The most vulnerable populations

In this episode, I'll go into why each of these factors contribute to problems we are facing today because of COVID-19, what's being done to solve these problems, and what opportunities are arising for you and I to build solutions to these problems.

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