14. Why the future of innovation lies beyond Silicon Valley with Alex Lazarow, VC and Author of Out-Innovate

April 07, 2020

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Alex is a global venture capitalist with Cathay Innovation, a global firm that invests across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. He is also the author of Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs - from Delhi to Detroit - Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley

Everything we think we know about startup best practices is rooted in a time and a place. It's Silicon Valley, in a time of abundance, for a very particular type of asset-light software-based startup that wants to grow extraordinarily fast. And yet around the world, some of the best entrepreneurs operate in ecosystems, that just looks different. They have less capital, less depth of trained startup human capital, or they may regularly face more macro-economic shocks. Yet, no one is telling their stories of how entrepreneurs have scaled startups in an ecosystem that looks different than what the valley is.

In this episode, we go into who the frontier innovators are, why Silicon Valley should be learning from them, and the potential of these learnings when applied in our home markets.

Find Alex at www.alexlazarow.com and check out his book Out-Innovate

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What We Discussed

[3:32] Tell me more about your experiences and what led you to write Out-Innovate?

[5:44] Can you explain deeper on who these Frontier Innovators are and what the differentiators are between them and Silicon Valley?

[8:04] Why should Silicon Valley learn from those places that are not as developed? What will happen if they don't learn from these places?

[14:03] How do entrepreneurs, whether in talent or mindset, compare between established ecosystems versus frontier, which always feel like they're kind of behind and need to learn from everyone else?

[16:07] How can entrepreneurs around the world prepare for what's to come in the next 3-5 years?

[19:08] What should we be trying to learn from frontier innovators?

[21:44] Is there any inspiration we can take to bring in new industries that don't yet exist in the US from other markets?

[25:30] How can we localize innovations?

[27:24] Are there other communities or advocates movements with the same cause that you and I have?

[28:37] What is an opportunity that people are not seeing and they should take advantage of more?

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