13. How Tik Tok and Douyin are taking the World by Storm with Fabian Bern, Founder of UPLAB

March 31, 2020

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Sell a story and a product can be part of that story. Sell a person and have the person sell the product. That's how it works.

3 weeks ago none of my friends were on TikTok. 2 weeks into social distancing, everyone is getting on TikTok. The content is finally moving away from 13-year old dance parties and ridiculous memes that only GenZ understand.

In this episode I am here with Fabian Bern, Founder of UPLAB, a Douyin and TikTok marketing agency with operations in Asia and Europe. They have been helping brands and creators on the platform since 2016 with influencer marketing and content creation services.

We talk about the future of influencer marketing, how brands can leverage TikTok, and how creators are the most important asset on the platform.

What We Discussed

[3:00] Fabian has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager, starting companies in e-commerce and media in the Netherlands and Poland.

[6:34] Freelancing and working in South East Asia before moving to China

[11:18] Seeing opportunities for global businesses despite being a college dropout

[12:28] How has TikTok and Douyin evolved as a platform since 2016?

[17:27] How is the TikTok platform used differently across different markets?

[23:11] How do you strategize differently for clients who want to launch in multiple markets?

[25:20] Can you walk us step-by-step through how you would work with a client who wants to launch a product in China?

[34:53] If creator brands are the future, do you regret not becoming a creator yourself?

[37:00] A question from my 15 year old sister, how do you start a career on TikTok?

[41:17] How do more serious industries like real estate show personality and leverage TikTok?

[43:56] What opportunities do you see in the next five years in the industry that you're working in, that you think that more people should take advantage of?

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