9. Predicting the Job Market in 2020 with Albert Qian of Albert's List

March 01, 2020

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Interviewing today is like playing an RPG video game. You have to beat each level of bosses.

Albert Qian is the founder of Albert's List, an online facebook community with over 43,000 job seekers, recruiters, supporters, and professionals in the Bay Area. It is one of the most active groups on Facebook and many job seekers have found overwhelmingly warm support and community through the group - including myself!

In this episode, we talk about trends in the job market in 2020, what skills we all need to stay relevant, and the opportunities and problems different generations face in today's talent market.

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What We Discussed

[3:21] Tell us about yourself, your full time work as a marketer, and the origins of Albert's List!

[4:25] How has Albert's List grown so fast and how is it different than all the other resources out there?

[7:42] Showing people and abundance of opportunities

[8:16] What is in your paid programs that people wouldn't otherwise be able to get from your free group?

[13:35] How do you build a framework around salary negotiation?

[17:30] What are problems each generation of employees experiencing now with 4 different generations in the talent market?

[22:00] What are some opportunities that each generation can take advantage of?

[29:53] How you can stay relevant despite economic downturns

[30:40] What are some 2020 tech trends we can predict based on the actions within Albert's List?

[33:04] What's next for Albert's List?

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