8. These Two Frameworks Will Change Your Career | Solo Episode

February 25, 2020

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When you start viewing yourself with the lens of self positioning, you stop comparing yourself with the peers within your company and start comparing yourself with your peers around the world.

Are you at a place where you feel like your professional growth is stalling, yet you’re ambitious, impact hungry, and just want MORE out of your career because you’re bursting with energy and inspiration but can’t quite find an outlet?

I spend so much time talking and thinking about career development because I truly think most of the advice out there is still broken. I love creating frameworks and principles that could guide just about everyone in their career decisions.

You’ll notice that at the end of every interview podcast I ask my guest what is the one most important piece of advice that they’ve gotten in their career and also what book has influenced them the most. It’s because I’m always searching for more guiding principles to guide my own career.

In this episode, I talk about two of the frameworks I use when I'm feeling stuck in my professional life. You'll learn the channels you have to choose from to grow in your career and how to use marketing concepts on yourself so that you become indispensable.

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