7. The Rise of "Do It For Me" Businesses with Brandon Li, General Manager at Setter

February 18, 2020

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A lot of companies are solving the wrong problem. Other companies in this space solve the discovery problem of finding a plumber and the lead generation problem of the plumber, we go right ahead and fix the broken pipes.

Brandon Li is the General Manager at Setter. Brandon was previously an Engagement Manager at McKinsey Fuel which is McKinsey’s practice which works across the startup ecosystem. Brandon worked with growth-stage startups and their investors on business planning, go-to-market, and growth strategy. Now at Setter, a concierge service for busy homeowners helping them manage their homes, Brandon is responsible for growing the market, launching new markets, and building out the team.

In this episode, we talk about what other companies like TaskRabbit and Yelp may be getting wrong about the home improvement space, how to build out new markets from zero, and the concept of trust when it comes to tech.

You can find Brandon on Instagram.

What We Discussed

[2:00] After a successful career at McKinsey, what brought you to Setter?

[6:55] Only 10% of people hire pros from marketplace, how does that work?

[8:29] When do you know when it’s time to niche down or to expand product lines?

[9:08] What does the product experience look like?

[10:23]What part of the operations is the most challenging at Setter?

[11:54] How do you get pros to sign up for your platform?

[13:50] How do you decide what markets to expand to?

[16:50] What does it mean to have essential human activities made invisible

[19:12] Will the concept of trust change in the future?

[23:55] Who are the ideal customers that are most trusting for Setter?

[26:27] What was it like to launch a market from zero to hiring your first employee

[28:25] Quick fire questions: favorite book and best advice

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