3. How to make Community your Competitive Advantage with Connie Chang, Director of Community at Wish

January 21, 2020

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No matter where you go, make sure that you are building real relationships with people. You never know what will grow from that

Connie Chang has been a customer advocate for over 12 years. She is currently the Director of Community Engagement at Wish, where she leads a team of global community managers who are building a trusted community of content creators to provide engaging experiences on Wish and collect valuable insights that help drive product decisions. She previously fostered vibrant communities at Facebook, Gogobot and Yelp.

Community is just starting to become one of the hottest non-technical teams in tech. Community is the bridge to a company’s customers. By building a community that eagerly tells you exactly what they’re problems are, the engineers will know exactly what to build, how to prioritize the product roadmap, and marketers will be able to take the community’s exact language to create and get immediate feedback on branding and engagement strategies.

In this episode, Connie and I discuss why a community is important for business, what are practical tips in building an engaging community, and what growth is made possible only by teaming up with the amazing community of top shoppers on Wish. We hope this episode inspires more talent to go into community and more companies to begin building communities.

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What We Discussed

[2:40] How did you end up at Wish and in Community?

[5:12] Why is Community important to business?

[9:36] How did you go about changing the negative brand image of Wish?

[12:00] What are some practical tips in engaging community?

[13:36] What projects were made possible or more successful because of the community?

[17:30] Why does social commerce increase business growth?

[22:15] How do you get people to engage in a new community?

[25:30] Quick fire - what is a book you recommend? What was the best career advice you’ve received?

[27:19] How do you suggest meeting mentors and maintaining that relationship?

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