2. What Value You Can Bring to Global Markets with Joyce Zhang, CEO at Alariss

January 13, 2020

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Joyce is the CEO of Alariss, a global talent marketplace that matches talent educated or working in developed countries with emerging market opportunities. She started her career in economic policy and has since worked extensively in the emerging markets, particularly in their growing tech sectors at Groupon and Microsoft.

Joyce has worked in the public, private, and tech sectors across the US, China, Singapore, Kenya, and Bhutan. In this episode, we talk about what skills those with experience in the West can bring to emerging markets and what opportunities there are to make an impact globally.

If you ever considered taking your career to accelerate global growth in emerging markets, this is the episode for you!

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What We Discussed

[1:46]: How did your experiences lead to Alariss?

[3:56]: What did you gain when working abroad?

[4:57]: What are the greatest opportunities for returnees or first/second gen immigrants to make an impact in their home countries, what about expats?

[8:18]: Is the opportunity of our bi-cultural generation to help companies globalize? What other opportunities are there?

[10:24]: What are factors when determining when the right time is to go home (to an emerging market)?

[13:00]: How many years of experience and what career paths should they take in the West to make the most impact in emerging markets?

[15:09]: What is the process of verifying the companies Alariss places its job candidates in?

[16:47]: What kind of skills are you looking for that would fit what companies in emerging markets need?

[18:06]: How do you think Alariss will bring up local talent?

[20:54]: How do you source talent for Alariss?

[21:36]: What’s stopping another competitor from coming up and doing the same thing as Alariss?

[24:06]: What is a book you recommend everyone?

[25:10]: What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever been given

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