1. How to Spot and Join Rocketship Companies with Andre Charoo, first 20 at Uber and VP at Hired

January 12, 2020

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Andre Charoo was one of the first 25 employees at Uber and Hired. He is the most patriotic Canadian in the Bay Area I know dedicating himself fully to The C100 and investing heavily in Canadian founders around the world as the founder of Maple VC.

Andre had 4 jobs in tech, 2 of them were full-on unicorn rocket ships. In this episode, we talk about how to spot high-potential startups to join, how to pitch yourself to companies as non-technical talent, and how finding your unfair advantage from as wide as your citizenship identity to aligning yourself with much tighter communities.

I got so much value in this conversation and I'm sure you will too.

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What We Discussed

[1:15] How has being Canadian helped you in your career?

[3:06] After studying economics at University of Toronto, how did you move into tech?

[11:20] What do you look for when you decide to join a company and what do you look for before you decide to invest after making the right bets in joining 2 rocket ships (Uber and Hired)?

[15:08] Why did Uber choose to launch with Uber Black first before Uber X or Uber Pool?

[21:54] What about the industry and the bigger picture do you look for when decided what company to join or invest in

[27:29] What do you think it takes to succeed and what value can non-technical bring to companies

[33:13] What skills do you look for when you hire for non-technical roles that usually determine success later on in a company?

[38:09] Quick fire questions: Favorite book and best career advice

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