How to Get A Job Fast: 5 Tech Hacks

May 18, 2020

It’s hard to stay motivated, productive and organized during your job hunt. I’ve been there. Here are the top 5 free tools that I used during my job search to save a lot of time and manual work, stay on top of my applications, and simply made my life easier.

Here are some problems that I experienced in my job search and the solutions that I found.

How do I keep track of all my applications?

I’m a big advocate for treating job search like a sales funnel. Even if you have a lot of late stage interviews, you need to keep bringing in new leads and prospects just in case you don’t close any of the interviews and get a job.

This means that at all times you have companies at different stages of your pipeline, different contacts at companies making introductions for you, homework you need to complete for interviews, and more.

I like seeing a holistic view of my job search by knowing exactly how many companies I have in the lead, referral, applied, recruiter screen, hiring manager interview, homework, onsite interview, offer, and lost stages. It helps me stay organized.

My favorite tool: Streak

CRM built into gmail.

Streak is a customer relationship management system that I’ve been using since my college days for student conference sponsorships. I loved it so much that I used it for my job hunt and I even helped Wish make the switchover from Salesforce to Streak for the sales team.

Top features:

1. Track read messages

Know instantly when people see your message! No more guessing whether your email got lost in someone else’s inbox or when to follow up!

2. Mail Merge

Send personalized emails to contact groups from your pipelines. Why spend time sending out the same email to multiple people one at a time when you can do it in one go by simply personalizing the first name, company, or some other keyword?

3. Send later

The best time to send emails may not be your favorite time to write emails. Not an early riser - no problem! You can write an email and schedule it to be sent for later.

4. Sits right in your inbox

The best part is that Streak integrates directly into your gmail inbox so that you can link emails to “boxes” which are your companies.

It’s very intuitive to move companies from stage to stage and like all CRMs you can attach notes, documents, and contacts to boxes. You can even track the date of the last email sent and how many days since your last contact making it really useful for knowing when to follow up.

How do I keep track of when to follow up?

When you’re sending out dozens of emails and applications a day and after what I’ve told you about Streak - you’re living in your Streak pipeline - but is there a way to get notified when you should follow up?

The answer is yes and it’s a gmail feature! Turn on Nudges.

Settings within Gmail

You can turn on Nudges by going to Settings inside your inbox and allowing gmail to suggest emails to reply to (emails you might have forgotten to respond to will appear at the top of your inbox) and suggest emails to follow up on (sent emails you might need to follow up on will appear at the top of your inbox).

How do you find hiring managers?

My favorite platform for job seekers is of course LinkedIn. There are enough LinkedIn tools and hacks to fill a whole other blog post for something that most people don’t know is this trick to finding hiring managers directly.

Have you ever noticed that many hiring managers put “(I’m hiring)” in their name?

A quick hack is to type into the search bar directly the role you want and “I’m hiring”. For example, “Product I’m hiring” generates the following results:

Search results on LinkedIn after searching Product I'm hiring. The results are multiple hiring managers that are hiring.

You can now filter by second degree connections that you can get referrals to or the location that you want to work in!

How do you find hiring managers and team emails?

Sometimes when hiring managers or team members are not active on LinkedIn, going to email is a great back up plan.

My favorite tool to get the emails for anyone on the internet is

The landing page of

Hunter gives you 50 free searches per month and has a chrome extension to let you find any emails on the web associated with the web page you are on.

With 100+ million email addresses indexed, effective search filters and scoring, Hunter is a truly powerful email-finding tool.

Pro tip: When you search emails associated with a website, Hunter may generate a lot of PR emails or other public facing roles. You can take any generated email’s format and apply to other people at the company who’s email may not have been found.

For example, the person in PR is This means that the format for company emails is first name + last name Or if, you’ll know it’s first initial + last name You can now apply this to the name of your hiring manager or team!

How do you find companies hiring?

Did you run out of companies to apply to? It’s hard to find companies that you’ve never heard of especially when you are new to the tech industry.

The best way to get a consistent stream of new companies to apply to is by subscribing to The Crunchbase Daily Newsletter

Crunchbase logo

Every day they send out a newsletter of the latest acquisitions and fundraising. Companies that most recently raised money are doing it for growth and are most likely to hire soon. You can then find who the hiring managers are and reach out before they can get a job posting out!

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