I want it.
I go for it.

Take Action

This is what I did when I moved to Silicon Valley as soon as I graduated without at STEM degree, without a job, without a network, and without a visa. As an entrepreneurial Canadian business graduate with big dreams to work in the forefront of tech, I knew that’s what I had to do.

4 years later, realizing that Silicon Valley was no longer giving me inspiration to create and build, I quit my six-figure job managing strategic partnerships for a multi-billion dollar e-commerce startup to travel the world in search for new sparks. I spent 2019 traveling to 16 fast-moving markets and interviewing leaders of tech and tech-enabled business who are solving real-world problems untouched by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. This led to my podcast Get World Savvy.


I’m probably dreaming of ways to help others take advantage of opportunities of the future

My current projects include building a community for tech and tech-enabled entrepreneurs and leaders around the world to learn, network and collaborate at Get World Savvy Network, helping teachers of physical activities bring their business into the new digital age at Kuluin, and chatting up non-technical professionals on networking for opportunities most likely with a glass of wine in hand.

What lights me up...

  • Making things happen by connecting like-minded people to each other, ideally dinner parties I host
  • Telling the stories of entrepreneurs in developing regions and sharing an expanded startup playbook with the world
  • Helping people leverage the power of the internet to connect with others and build meaningful relationships that lead to career, speaking, consulting, and business opportunities
  • Seeing all that’s beautiful in the world